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Thanks to Registry Winner, I totally get rid of blue screen error. Your product is even much more efficient than I have imaged. If I have a chance to update my computer, I will continue to choose your product.
-Clovis, Austin, USA


I was surprised to see more than 2000 errors of my PC after the first scan. Since the first time I used "Registry Winner ", the problem of blue screen error never concerns me, and I find the speed of my PC is beyond my imagination!
-Bob, Houston, USA


I ran several downloads of other ware, and they each found 800 to 1200 registry errors, but your product found 2200,it is really advanced software to fix blue screen error. Now I really know how to fix blue screen of death. Just use the good tool to stop blue screen!
-Gaines, LA, USA





How to Stop Blue Screen?

Have you ever been faced with the problem of blue screen when you turn on your computer, or did the screen suddenly go blue when you are doing something important?


You don’t need to worry about blue screen error any more. This article will illustrate several methods to stop blue screen.

What is blue screen error?

"Blue screen" or "system crash" is also called "Blue Screen of Death", which means "the blue screen appears when Microsoft Windows crashes or stops working".

Why does blue screen error occur?

People tend to think blue screen occurs when Windows is unstable, in fact, they are completely wrong. In order to protect other programs and data, Windows crashes, thus blue screen occurs.

How to Stop Blue Screen?

Usually when your computer comes across blue screen, you should first check whether there is any Virus on your PC. If there isn’t, then restart it. But if you restart your computer, blue screen error or system crash appears again, then something goes wrong in the registry.

On this condition, you should equip your computer with a specialized Registry Cleaner because registry errors can not be fixed manually.


I recommend you free download Registry Winner, an award-winning and bestselling software to fix blue screen.

With the function of "Scan and Clean", it can perform a full scan of the registry as well as your computer, and then clear all the errors in about several minutes. At the same time, the registry and Windows system can be optimized. Thus, the problem of blue screen error as well as system crashes will be totally solved, then you will enjoy a high-speed and stable computer.


Unlike other Registry Cleaners, Registry Winner is faster and more efficient, and it can scan twice as many errors as other cleaners. It is the best tool to fix blue screen very effectively.


Other than these functions, Registry Winner can also delete junks and clean temp files, manage startup programs as well as other installed programs and repair Internet problems. All these operations are easy and convenient.

In all, do not be confused when you meet with blue screen. Just follow the above steps to stop blue screen and your computer will surely operate as a new one.